What is your record in sleeping

Mine is 13.5 hours, when I woke up I thought that I knew nothing about the world around me.

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60 hours under hospital-induced sedation.

When I came off a four year habit of ephedrine I think I probably slept over twenty hours a couple of times.

Probably 15-16.

I sleep 12 hours in my sleep…haha stupid joke. But I slept 12 hours 2 nights ago like it was nothing.

I get pain in my back if I sleep more than 9 hours. I have Rheumatoid Athritis. I think it is spelled that way. But my record must be in hospital. I have a complete blackout from my first three days in there. I got Remeron. I must have been to the bathroom atleast a couple of times because I had no dipers. But I remember nothing. I just woke up on day 4 and understood nothing.

My longest sleep was 18 hours on risperidone.

Around 16 hours a day, about 4 times a week.

I have slept 20hrs in a 24hr period

I sleep too much usually

Sometimes I feel it would be nice to sleep for a whole month. But I know that wouldn’t solve anything

I could sleep all day but my parents never let me. They hate it when we have too much free time and like giving us work to do if (god forbid) they see us taking some rest time (because if they don’t have any, why should we, right? Lol just a bit bitter about that)

Even at college I can’t afford to sleep all day because there’s too much to do. Sometimes I’ll wake up at noon and then get too sleepy and fall back asleep after only being awake for an hour. That’s irritating. I dunno why I’m always sleepy. I went to a doctor about it and they ran tests on me and found nothing, so who knows.

I just slept for two hours, after only getting thirty minutes of sleep a night for weeks now. Record is probably only nine hours, but when I was depressed I stayed in bed for just about 24 hours a day. Glad that’s over.

Take care!