What is your opinion and experience with cariprazine (Vraylar)?

Cariprazine is not approved in my country (Croatia) but I plan to get it in neighboring Slovenia or Hungary. But, is cariprazine better than other antipsychotics ? What is your opinion on cariprazine? Is it good or bad comparing to other antipsychotics?

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I was on it until the muscle spasms got too bad.

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Thank you for your input. Does anybody else have good or bad experience with cariprazine?

It just didn’t work for me.
I ended up being hospitalized.

Vraylar ended up sending me to the ER with unexplained lack of emotion and odd twitching. My roommate walked me to the hospital while I freaked out over my slipping sanity.
0/10. But that’s not saying it won’t work for you or others.

I have a bipolar friend who takes it and it has completely changed her way of life. Given her motivation and happiness she never thought she’d achieve.

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