What is your future prophecies?

what is your future prophecies ?

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Bio shock infinite…!!! Respect for prophet…!!!

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My dreams used to often contain prophecies which come true, but something or someone has blocked them now so I don’t dream anymore


Initiation and defecation will be eradicated by a giant earth worm that borrows into toilets lol

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the amazon delivery person will be here sometime today.


I will become famous 30 years after I die…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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if I become rich I predict I would be a pro golfer within 2 years…!

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In the future, stuff will happen. That stuff will lead to new things. Tons of people will feel emotions. Some will try to stop the new things. But the new things come anyway. Eventually, people forget that the new things are there and begin doing other stuff. Then that stuff leads to an apocalypse and everyone dies.


People will transform into vampires

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The stuff that is cool now will become uncool and then make temporary comebacks until everyone dies.

Sex, food and oxygen will remain popular.


And the vampires will rule :straight_ruler:

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I used to have prophetic dreams too. I don’t anymore.

The global derivatives bubble will pop, banks will become insolvent and there will be a cascade failure of the world’s major banks, and the world’s central banks will have to turn up the printing presses to pay off the difference, or at least try to, which will lead to a hyperinflationary world depression, and possibly a world war as international tensions intensify.

We will find out we live in a computer simulation/computer program. Elon Musk will be vindicated. I will be vindicated too. Oxford Univ. Will offer a formal apology lol. Most people will be in denial. Alien life will be discovered as a consequence. Most people will not like this or understand this.


Live to my 70’s then I die.

Sorry that was negative

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Flying cars and working robots

I will consult the sacred Oracle.

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again