What is your favourite fruit and why?

Cherries lol :slight_smile: They are so sweet and particular, I love them!!! In my country, we are the kings of the cherries in fact, nice ones and soo big!!!


I love grapes and bananas the best. Grapes the seedless variety that are crunchy sweet and juicy. Now that it’s summer here they are available locally. Bananas are so versatile. I have them with oats or in a smoothie

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Nope. The word mango is over one million years old. What is easier for a baby to gab?

I love fruit and vegetable. Anything that hasn’t been ejaculated or bled on when it comes to plant. Sweat and spit is fine so long as it is not out of malice nor in excess, same with moon cycle or menstruation… It should be noted, most packaged products contain traceable amounts of semen and murdered plasma.

This is the complete list of fruits that I’ll eat:

Blueberries (frozen)

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