What is your favourite album?

Hey guys, as above, mine is dog man star by suede released in 1994!

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Melanie Martinez - K-12 probably

Mine is Killswitch Engage - Atonement.

I have no one favorite. But one I like is Pink Floyd - delicate sound of thunder

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Abba Gold, I think. I haven’t thought of the concept of albums for years. I’ve done nothing but singles for the last decade at least now. I only purchase the odd CD these days and limit it to supporting local bands I like. (Last CD purchased was Vampire Anthems by Punch Drunk Cabaret.)


I still have a cd collection that I use pretty much. Listening through whole albums has a certain quality to it. I actually bought a LP player. I have wanted one for years. Never had one before.

I also like listening on spotify online and the freedom to choose any song at any time, also these days it’s hard to come by physical albums so need it for listening to new stuff and old albums that are impossible to aquire.


Favorite Album?. Of All Time?. From The Beginning to The Next Step. Stepping Stone to Stepping Stone. Step 0.1, (Daydream). Step 0.2, (Listen). Step 0.3, (Compare). Step 0.4, (Purchase). Step 0.5, (Focus on The Story). Step 0.6, (Rate). Step 0.7, (Listen Again). Step 0.8, (Continue Down The Pathe of Enlightenment).

As a Child, Growing up Quickly. I Was Able to Take Time Within The Sphere’s of Music.

I Found Rest And Fascination. Never Really Found Myself Interested in The Artist’s Personal Lives. More So, Their Next Artistic Project. (With The Help of Rolling Stone).

Buying a New CD, Was Always an Exciting Time For Me. To Stand in The Aisles Staring at Seemingly Endless Album Covers, Brought Me Much Joy.

And I Took The Purchase Seriously. For I Devoted My Entire Being During First Listens.

And if it Didn’t Give Me Any Surprise or Sense of Purpose or Value at First Wander. I Would Walk Away. Although The Radio, During Whichever Band’s Next Finished Product, Being Played on The Airwaves, Could Sometimes Bring Me Back to The Ones I Left Behind.

That Said, I Have One Album That Changed The Game For Me.


After The First Song on That Album. I Became an Instant Listener to All They Felt Like Offering to The Table. And I Have Yet to Have Been ‘Let Down’.

Never a Fanatic. More So, Someone Always Prepared to Take a Seat. And Listen Without Any Hesitation or Need For Judgement.

They Are True Artist’s. Which, (In My Humble Opinion), Have Inspired Many Other Artist’s to Do The Same as Them. And Give it Their All.

With Very Little Airplay on The Radio Throughout My Years Growing up. As They Progressed.

Which Never Made Much Sense to Me.


DJ Nosferatu Bat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
:owl: :alien: :owl:

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How to be a Human Being by Glass Animals
Social ues by Cage the Elephant
Chronologic by Caravan Palace
Or literally any Final Fantasy album (especially II IV and XIV though)

Just finished listening to DogManStar a few minutes ago @seanieireland :slight_smile:
Mines either DMS or Coming Up. Different vibes.
Been listening for 15 years or so now and I’ve yet to find anything as endlessly pleasurable.

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Depeche mode. Music for the masses
Concrete blonde. Bloodletting
Pink floyd. The division bell


IDK but Dark Side of the Moon is right up there.

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Rubber Soul by the Beatles on vinyl…

It has a sentimental value to me since my brother bought it for me for Christmas when I was about 8 or 9. It was the EMI import so it had different songs than the American version. I was impressed by the huge amount of stereo separation on the tracks and very low distortion.

I played it a lot but surprisingly after all these (40+) years it still sounds awesome and doesn’t skip. Emi seemed to use better plastic than Capitol lps which didn’t seem to hold up too well.


Maybe The pianist (music from the motion picture)
back in black (amy winehouse.)
Full house (wes montgomery.)

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