What is your favorite type of movie...horror, comedy, drama, Romance, action

I don’t know really except I know I do not watch horror movies. I don’t like to be scared.


I like a comedy & action combo! Like Zombieland!


I used to adore horror but they make them too, too grisly and bloody nowadays. They go too far nowadays. And I don’t like that at all. I like it when they leave a lot to your imagination.

Otherwise, I do enjoy drama. Especially drama with a little horror and a little comedy mixed in.


Comedy, action, drama.

Knives Out is one of recent movies I liked.

Other times some characters in movies make it great experience. Watched Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained due to those being Tarantino movies. Really loved and was mesmerized by Christoph Waltz’s characters in both movies. Was super happy to find out he won two Academy Awards for both films.

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I like comedy and some action Sci fi. And some gangster films
But comedy wins for me


I like thrillers, sci-fi.
I never watch horror movies, I just can’t.

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Horror movies and Superhero movies, mostly the MCU.

Some dramas are okay. Romance is pointless to watch, it doesn’t really apply to me. Action can be good.

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Non-slasher horror, sci-fi, mostly HK style action, but no slow or talky films… inactivity in movies makes me twitchy

Psychological, suspenseful thrillers usually get me.

Stepbrothers, Dumb and dumber, Something about mary - I enjoy movies that make me laugh so comedy

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