What is your favorite TV show? or Movie?

I love watching movies. I like directors such as Hitchcock, David Lynch, Kubrick, Nolan, David Fincher and so forth. One of my favorite movies is Vertigo by Hitchcock.

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I have cycled through the Big Bang Theory on netflix since 2016

I like it on in the background when I am resting in bed during the day or before sleep

Favorite series - game of thrones
Favorite movie - lord of the rings

Favorite TV show wpuld have to be Bobs Burgers. Its basically the only thing i watch

I really enjoyed the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

I like the UFC channel. I like the ultimate fighter reality series. Good entertainment, fighting and some drama lol

Favorite tv is coronation street

Favorite films
Silence of the lambs
The devil wears Prada
Fatal attraction

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Fav movie: Donnie Darko!!!

Tv show… maybe The Bold and the Beautiful. It’s a soap opera. I’ve been watching it every day nearly 25 years so I’m pretty sure it’s my favourite tv show :smiley:

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