What is Your Favorite Time Of Day?

my favorite time of day is the middle of the night. nobody needs anything from me, I can go on the computer, drink my coffee and just relax. I love to sit outside by myself and listen to the fish jump in the yard, smoke my cigarettes without anyone asking me for one all day long, it is just so peaceful.


Same here, minus the smoking part. :smile:

Early morning can have breakfast and go walk

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I also like the night time, especially in winter when it is long.

I’ve become an early morning person. Sun rise… I like it.


twilight – - -

I like late afternoons. Like 4 or 5 pm. I get bored at night unless I am out. I always entertain myself during the day. I lift or eat (I’m always eating)

When the sun goes down, thats when my symptoms reduce, i like it even though recently i dont do much at night.

I try to enjoy every moment of every day. Stay in the present mode. It’s good for you.

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When the sun goes down, and people start to relax and wind down.

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