What is your favorite magazine

My favorite magazines are the drum magazines. I am not a big reader, but I like to read drum magazines.

I’m a big reader and I read both Pianist magazine and International Piano magazine.

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I love reading Science. Very informative.

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I used to have a subscription to National Geographic back in the day.

Faaaack, it was so awesome when that magazine would arrive in the mail.

The pictures are simply amazing.


I like SLUG Magazine (SLUG = SaltLakeUnderGround). The magazine is free and you can pick it up at most local stores, restaurants, pubs, and whatnot.

“SLUG Magazine is an alternative monthly publication covering music, arts, culture, lifestyle, LGBTQ+, BIPOC communities and more in Salt Lake City and Utah.”

Some examples of their cover art:

Hmm. . .

I Used To Enjoy Reading MAXIM When I Worked At A Pharmacy Some Time Back.

It Was A Good Read.

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I used to like Mad magazine, lol

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A French science magazine called Science & Vie.

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I LOVED Mad magazine when I was a kid, but it’s gone defunct.

I use to read Mad magazine and listen to Weird Al Yankovic, I loved both.


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Like … those publications printed on dead trees?

Still a thing?

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I used to enjoy reading Playboy.
For the article’s of course :wink:

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Hustler magazine

Probably Game Informer. It’s a video game magazine. I don’t know how many of you have ever shopped at a GameSpot but if you have you might have heard this, “Would you like to join the PowerUp Rewards club?” Well, I did and it comes with a subscription to the Game Informer.

Don’t really read too many magazines. More of a newspaper guy. One thing I should mention is that I really liked reading Reader’s Digest in my youth.

I also read Nursing 2021 magazine.

I’m thinking about renewing my Archaeology magazine.

I used to subscribe Readers Digest. I think the articles in this magazine are light and warm.

Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Baazar

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Lilliput Review -

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