What is your favorite hobby?

Mine is music listening, I listen every day all kinds of music such as this about the Finnish immigration in America 100 years ago.

My favorite hobby is reading books. Without reading and thinking, my mind would be stale, hollow and rusty. Unfortunately, I can only do reading 2 hours a day now due to the short span of attention.

Reading and writing short stories. If anyone knows series of some good short stories, feel free to suggest.


I guess swimming and surfing is a hobby. So is astronomy. Gardening is both a hobby and my job.

yoga and hypnosis, snuggling and taking care of my dogs, swimming, charity shopping and seeing my family.

Sometimes music gives me power and energy to continue and even to make changes in my life as it did in Southern France in 1999 when I drove a car and listened Cher’s Believe, it gave me power to make some critical changes in my life at the time. I believed in the life after love.

My hobbies are following world events/watching international news, birdwatching, drinking coffee - psychopharmacology and i do like to shoot the bull with certain people :smiley:

I like violin music a lot, especially this Princess of Violin

I paint art and play my instruments as hobbies. Wish I could read books but my concentration always defeats that idea. I too listen to music constantly so I guess that’s a hobby? I used to scuba dive but haven’t dived in decades.


One of my favourite hobby is sleeping it is inherited by my parents gene

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I’ve had so many hobbies over the years I don’t even know anymore…

I guess I just don’t have a favorite at this point in time.

I was reading pretty avidly up until six months ago or so…playing the odd computer game as well…I guess my involvement in clubhouse could be considered a hobby…my mid 20’s was probably my peak so far when it comes to hobbies…

Some of my hobbies in my mid 20’s were:
Playing music
welding/metal work (I almost killed someone blacksmithing and will probably never go back)
raising animals
maple syrup production
concert going
going crazy (well this might have been more of an occupation)
dating (more like mating really)
basic mechanical repair
drinking coffee
survival skills

Nowadays I don’t even know…I guess internet, clubhouse and the odd computer game…man was I far more interesting back when I was a lunatic living out in the middle of nowhere :smile:


For subtlety, the stories of Henry James.
For fun, the sci-fi stories of Robert Sheckley.

Some stories by each will be found at Project Gutenberg, I think.


Art: painting drawing

Racing go karts


Reading books. Other hobbies I like but haven’t been doing much is astronomy, birdwatching and writing, and jigsaw puzzles.

Painting, reading (reading six at a time now), practicing Dadaism, meditation, bending the laws of physics, driving, chemistry, looking at my san pedro cacti, running, tennis, basketball, baseball, swinging, discovering new music, writing letters to friends, trying to become a bodhisattva, Fixing cars.

Om hari Om.

I write computer programs as a hobby.

Music also.

I like to read classical literature and write in my commonplace book. I also like to hammock camp, unless it is summer then it is just too hot.

I like dreaming about ideal worlds and trying to realize them some way. I have been imagining and designing systems that could change the fundamental structure of social systems. I like making and interpreting fractals of all types and dimensions. I like playing with art programs too. I like imagining energy dancing along to music. I watch Electric sheep on my computer, a type of genetic fractal. Designing cosmic trips to go on in my sleep. I never have a dull moment in my life. My brain does not allow it. Philosophy reading and writing, blogs, books, reading and writing. social science fiction. visionary art on deviant art.