What is your favorite day of the week

I like Friday, it is the end of a week and the beginning of the weekend were more rest and fun are had.


Saturday is my favorite.

Wed. It’s midweek but it’s payday every second week. Any day of the week you get paid is a good one in my book.

No favorite because every day is different. Schedules here, schedules there. There is very little routine.

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Yes and after it is only one more day until Friday.

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Wednesday for me because we have a cooking group where I get mental health services. Good people and good food!

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I’m on a pension so it all merges into another. Depends on when I was working but if doing the m-f usual it is a nice one. Not so much fun when your doing shifts in retail. :slight_smile:

I like Mondays after the long weekend when I go in for group therapy and can be around other people.

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I like Friday more than other days

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I like mondays. There is usually a new buzz at the start of the week.

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I like Sunday. My Mom is home from work and usually cooks a good meal. Football is on. And its acceptable to sleep all day because we use it as a recovery day. No chores on Sunday.

Hey @pretzel i dont have a routine either for the mlst part. I hate doing the same thing every day. The only thing i do consistently is make coffee in the morning, drink said coffee, and sit in the recliner for 3 hours listening to music.

Sunday because you can have a rest on the seventh day of the week.

Wednesday, “Hump Day”. I make it through work that day and have the next day off and then only Friday to get past for the weekend.

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Friday or Saturday.

I like Saturday every week.

I like Tuesdays

I like Saturday.

Tuesday. I was born on a Tuesday.

Most days are pretty much the same now
When I worked full time many years ago I liked Friday as its weekend