What is your favorite cereal

Shredded wheat bite size with honey nut


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Used to be fruit loops

50% less sugar brown sugar and maple oatmeal

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A lot of cereal has lost its flavour these days. But I do really like crunchy nut cornflakes.

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Captain Sarcastic’s “Mighty O’s!!!” “They’re really good…kiddies!!!”300full-grinning-evil-death-screenshot

My favorite changes every month or so. Lately it’s raisin bran.

In the UK theres a brand named Dorset Cereal that does really nice fruity museli.

I used to have that with Bran Flakes and Coco Pops all mixed together.

Ive only had it several times (they don’t sell them here) but Lucky Charms is also very nice as a desert/snack.

Chocolate Alpen is also good