What is your favorite band to listen to live

I don’t have one, I have a hunch that I would like The Dave Mathews band the best when playing live. I don’t really like their music, but I think that band is really gifted with playing music.(with their musical instruments, I don’t like their melody) Also my favorite drummer(Carter Beauford) plays the drums for that band. I haven’t been to a concert in a very long time, because of my social phobia.

Only have been to one concert and it was a cover band so…Nirvana, i really enjoy their live albums.

I won’t name one band, but a show I went to was Soundgarden, Motorhead and Black Sabbath - all in one concert!

Chris Cornell from Soundgarden is now dead, Lemmy from Motorhead is dead and Black Sabbath are now retired

A close second for me would probably be Slipknot

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I’ve only ever heard them live, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble. They are very talented. Never heard an album.

I really want to see Evanescence live. That is my favorite band.

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BSO- Boston Symphony Orchestra.

My favorite live band is a tie between As I Lay Dying (Christian metal band) and Pinback (indie chill band). I’ve seen both live and they were both AMAZING. Excellent shows, but very different atmosphere and vibe for each band, with one being metal and one being indie. Also, As I Lay Dying is a very well-known metal band; their venue was packed with hundreds of people. Pinback is not as well-known, so the venue was tiny with only a small amount of fans present. But definitely a tie. They are both amazing. I highly recommend both, depending on your personal music interests.

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