What is your favorite and least favorite thing about Christmas?

my favorite thing about Christmas eve is going to my sister’s mansion and having a big dinner with gifts…my least favorite thing about Christmas? probably that it’s become so commercial in money business…

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my favorite thing is the food. my least favorite thing is i spend more money than i can afford on gifts. just getting my little niece and nephew something this winter, toys. gonna save the rest of my money. most years i spend like $800 bucks, which i need i decided.

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Wow 800? I thought I spent a lot. You both do it big on Christmas!

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The things I love about Christmas are the fancy trees, the music, my Christmas piano repertoire, the food, the parties, the rich neighborhood Christmas lights, and of course, Advent season.

What I don’t like about it is the commercialism, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, and just general gift buying emphasis.

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When I still celebrated Christmas I liked most the opening of presents. I found it so exciting to give and receive gifts, opening them and seeing others open theirs.
What I disliked the most - and still dislike - is the crowds in the shops.


Favorite: Chinese restaurants are open possibly(?) because of A Christmas Story, a movie about a lamp
Least Favorite: Santa says “Merry Christmas to all” but has lists of who gets presents and who gets coal

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