What is your eye glass number?

What is you eye glass number.is it too high?

Not sure what you that means. Do you mean life number of wine glasses? Or seeing eye glasses? Maybe it’s an expression I hadn’t heard?

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Sorry eye glasses

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Ah, no worries. Honestly, I’m not sure. My glasses are mostly reading glasses. They are prescription glasses but I forgot. I rarely wear them except for when I’m on the computer. When I went to the DMV to get my driver’s license renewed I purposely chose not to wear them because I didn’t want to have them as a requirement to drive. That’s when I realized I’ve poorer eyesight now than before. I passed the vision test by sheer luck. Sorry, I couldn’t reply with a proper answer.

Here I was going to mention the amount of wine I can ingest.:slightly_smiling_face:

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İ have blurred eyes due to ap usage and i read that not wearing glasses does not worsen your eyesight by age

Yeah mines about -4.50 in each

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Yes mine is also 4.00 and 3.50.doctor said its a lot

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