What is your expectation on psychotherapy? What does it manage to help you?

I have began seeing a therapist for two sessions. It is rather tough for me.

What is your better experience with psychotherapy?

My experiences have been mixed. I’ve been seeing my current social worker for over a year now. It takes a lot of work to build up trust and get an open dialogue going. Make sure its a good fit, that you feel comfortable enough to open up. If not try someone else. It took me about 12 different therapists to find a good one. With this current one we spent the first few months just talking about day-to-day stuff not really going into detail about anything in particular because I have such a phobia of saying the wrong thing and coming off crazy. He is comfortable with not talking too, if I’m not up for it. He also mostly directs what we talk about. I’m so cut off from my emotions and triggers that he has to constantly ask questions to get me to respond. It’s not easy work, but I leave feeling a little bit lighter.


When I’m going through a dark phase and my head circus is acting up and I just want to tell someone, anyone that my head is spinning and I’m afraid to tell my family because I am so tired of scaring them… I tell my therapist.

I don’t live with my therapist, I can lay it all on their desk. I’m relearning my emotions and I’ve been learning to recognize what triggers me or set’s me off. Somedays, I am SO angry at my therapist but usually at the end of the session I do feel better.

I know I have an anger underneath all this and my therapist has helped me recognize it better, handle it more constructively and get over any anger spikes faster.

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Hey I’m thinking about u. How are u? Sleeping better?

Thank you for that…

My Sis sort of “fixed” subdued the heater and the temperature dropped and I feel so much better after Good sleep, not nightmare sleep and got my meds on time last night and this morning. Still getting my footing, but feeling better.

How are you today?

Glad to know that u are sleeping better again.

I took part in some cognitive experiments and scared myself a bit. It’s difficult for me to understand the instructions. I am thinking what to do with thought disorder/disorganized thought. Thinking has become difficult to me. I use to enjoy thinking a lot. I just can’t manage to do that again these days. Often feel uncertain and don’t understand. It is so odd.

I get very uncertain and get afraid to try stuff and it’s hard to get a handle on. I hate it when I can SEE myself loosing my spelling. As long as I keep trying I guess… having half of something is better then having none of something.