What is your de-motivation like?

I have so many ideas of thing to do, clean and accomplish.

But the veil goes up. It is a simply depressing, no thanks.

I think I am going to do X, like study or clean and then my mind immediatlly shuts it down.

I call this the veil.

Is this a lack of my willing to suffer a bit?




Does anyone else have that immediate shut down of good positive motivational thoughts and ideas?



I have shut down too. I get out of the bed to go do x, but then I have to use the restroom, get something to drink and have a smoke. By the time I do all that I’m ready to go lay back down again and I get nothing done. This can go on for days before I actually accomplish anything. But when I do actually get something done I feel so good about it. So I don’t understand what the problem is. Am I lazy? Is it the negatives? Is it depression? I don’t know, but I’m sick of it.

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I’m the same way in a lot of things. I can get myself to do so many things: wash my face, brush teeth, pray, meditate, practice piano, do yoga, read, volunteer, cook, pay bills. But, I can’t get myself to do so many other things like: bathe, do housework, change into pajamas at night, sift or change the litter box frequently, do laundry, unpack boxes. It’s an even split. So, I can be categorized more as eccentric than having amotivation.

I recently snapped out of that mode. I realized my husband was doing too much and he’s disabled too. So I started cleaning and doing laundry etc, I usually make dinner.

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I feel frozen. Stuck to my chair. Have so many chores and personal hygiene that never gets done. I wish it would all go away.


Ive got so bloody lazy - Call it negative symptoms, that ive employed a cleaner to do my flat for me twice a week. I basically crawl outta bed at 4am and sit in front of my servers all day long, just getting up to have a piss and put the kettle on for coffee. My motivation is non-existant.

Tho im writing a back-end for my linux server at the moment, so i may not be phyisically moving - at least im using my brain.

Im seeing my Debs upstairs tho (neighbour) and had a good chat with her tho for a couple of hours. I channel bonded our two internet connections - so at least she got fast speeds for her music - bless her.

Otherwise im sitting on my Arse.

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Sick of it also…!

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It’s 6 am over here. I’ve already walked 11,500 steps which is like over 100 minutes. I used to be very de motivated but invested in a fitness tracker. Started small and built up to 10,000 steps a day minimum. Lately I do about 30,000 with weights and other exercise.

As an aside, I’ve gone from sleeping 10 hours or so a day to under 8. Exercise can make a big difference for motivation. Well it has for me and I suspect for others if your regular with it.


Wish i was as motivated as you. Forgot your an Aussie mate! This bugger is off to bed! Its gone 9pm here - which is late for me.

I have to have at least 12 hours sleep - and i will drug myself up more during the night if i cant get it. My exercise at the moment consists of going to the corner shop for ciggies and milk.

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Started small @Naarai . Going down the shop. If weather good go around the long way and walk briskly. It really can help and if you’ve not much on you have the time!


How long have you been keeping your steps?

I did good for 2 months of early spring but now it is warming up and to sunny all of the time.

Plus lots of appointments and work lately so just off track hopefully.

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Been a well over a year from when I’ve started. Bought a cheap activity tracker and moved from there. It’s a work in progress but doing well.

Yes, I get a shut down response from myself a lot. I’m just guessing at this point but I’m thinking we are afraid of that critic who is following us and saying we’re not good enough so we don’t even try.

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