What is your best achievements?

Well done man :sunglasses:


Thank you my dude! :hugs:


Solved world hunger. Saved the earth from climate change. Established world peace. Cured cancer.

This joke isn’t meant to deflect my lack of achievements, no not at all


Getting walloped by SZ is like being in the main floor of an office tower and having the damn thing collapse on you. Anyone who manages to walk out of that is already crushing it bigtime. Give yourself some props.



I hit a 100 in park cricket. Yeah it was the lowest grade and I was dropped like 7 times but I did it. It was like 4 or so hours of constant batting. I feel immense pride in that because not everyone does it.


Working with SZ.


Thanks man. Likewise :facepunch:


I don’t like to brag about achievements, but here I go.

Going from 107 kg to 80 kg in the last year. Also quitting smoking. Going to Uni age 16. Working in Brussels, Geneva, Singapore, New York. Surviving sz. Enjoying the small things in life. Having an investment property. Having a good relationship with my family.


My best achievement or should i say luckiest one in life was getting my girlfriend

Shes beautiful amazing kind and just the best. Nothing else comes close to that and oneday ima marry her.


Putting my half aunt in touch with her half brothers and sisters on her father’s side. Most were fine about meeting my half aunt, except the half brother who was a frightful snob.

My progress after the falls and the partial hip replacement.

Not having been in psych hospital since 1983.


I can smoke two packs of ciggs a day

That’s all the hr people wanna hear :sob:


Are you by any chance

hospital free since 83’ :sunglasses:


drops the mic

goes to a strip club

spends the whole savings there

cries at night

wife leaves him

turnes to booze

recollectes that life would be different if he didnt made that rad joke

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This joke is pure gold… :joy::joy::joy:

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Academically speaking, high school were my best years. Top 5 of my school and several prizes at national competitions.

I never went to jail. I never failed to pay a fine before it was due.

I tried my best with every girl I liked. Usually it wasn’t enough, but that’s on them not me.

I’ve survived this illness so far.


Well, as far as my education goes, earning my master’s (with thesis option) in biology and taking a hard path through undergrad, with being a chemical engineering major for two years, including all that calculus and such, engineering classes, a year of engineering physics, a year of organic chemistry, then completing the biology major in two years to still graduate on time. I did this stuff despite having schizoaffective disorder since the age of 15.

More recently, working full-time and having my own place. I don’t have a lot of friends irl, and I do not have a gf, though I have no interest in a romantic relationship after my last gf. Still, I’m fairly proud of the life I’ve built for myself, even though I don’t have much.


“Finding God within myself.” I think with this statement I can book myself into psychiatry for life.:rofl:


I have plenty of achievements. I did well in the Sports, when I was younger. Anyhow the biggest achievements probably are all my ideas for the music making software Reason. I’ve been visioning up about 10 ideas for that.


How about a 3 patties 1/4lb each? :stuck_out_tongue:


Getting my physiotherapy university degree while having sz. But my best feeling was when I finished organic chemistry in college with 98%. I got 99% in the final. Also 96% in calculus.

@Andrey I got invited to competitions by my teachers but I refused. I just wanted to become a Dr.


Class average in organic chemistry was 71, in calculus 66%.

I would also say my gf but she left due to sz after 5yrs :sob:

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