What is wrong with me?

I feel the following

  • A deep despair and it’s very unsettling
  • Complete loss of motivation
  • Unable to focus at work
  • A weird kinda adrenaline that is making my whole body feel tense
  • My brain just feels completely overloaded
  • I have Suicide Ideation (Quite bad)
  • Feel the need to escape all this
  • I feel very low mood but not sure if this is depression
  • Extreme frustration with things in a generalised sense
  • Low self-esteem
  • No confidence
  • Isolation

This is how I feel at the moment. Is this grounds to have a discussion with my pdoc?

If people here don’t think so, I am not sure how to jump this hurdle, as everything seems so hard at the moment


It sounds like you need to talk to you Pdoc about your medication. Antidepressant may help with some of the symptoms.

Hope you find a solution.


Are these definitely things to be treated?

I am not sure if I just need to ‘snap out of it’. I have tried, but it seems the above is working so hard against me, that I feel like I am fighting a losing battle

You cant medicate yourself out of low self esteem, frustration, confidence, isolation, but they may be the result of a moderate depression, which may be treated.

I’m impressed you still have a job!!

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Do you have any existential issues? That can be problem if you think about it too much

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Yes very severe. I am probably struggling this the most out of anything

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Maybe try to work on that a bit. Maybe see what kind of purpose you could find or things that make you feel like your doing something positive.

I kind of went a different route and decided to not care about my purpose but to just look at life as a series of experiences both good and bad and to just make the most of each day.

So maybe work on your mindset a bit.
If that doesnt help then maybe see your pdoc about it


I seemed to of made it past the “life is pointless so i just think about suicide in any plan possible to make it look like an accident” stage. I clinged to that thinking for several years.

But i made it out of that darkness and you can too.

Maybe look at your landscaping work as part of your therapy to discover yourself more and listen to podcasts too or something.

Rooting for you dude.


I think you should see a therapist also. Medication changes can help, but your symptoms seem to have situational causes, rather than strictly chemical ones. Talking to a therapist can help a lot. Mr. Star goes to a therapist for his PTSD, but as an added benefit, he can also discuss confusing social situations with his therapist and figure out how to proceed.


Take internet to your pdoc and show him/Her the replies. Or use his/hers internet. They are part of the maschine.

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yeah definitely you need to talk to you pdoc…alo have you got a CPN (community psych nurse) they can help…it seems to me that you would benefit from a stay in a hospital.


I am just unsure what to do about this

As far as I am concerned I am stable, but now I am stable I am struggling to grapple with what is the actual point.

On top of that are the feelings above, but I really don’t know what to do about it

Thinking maybe the Pregabalin needs increasing.

I am taking 30mg of Diazepam a day now, and that is annoying as I got it down to 10mg after months of reduction last year

Those sound like the symptoms of depression.


i’d go with that list to your pdoc… maybe you need some med adjustment and/or therapy i’d say


Antidepressants have turned my life around
I’m a useless mess without them
It’s a common part of schizophrenia


Sounds like could be depression. You really need to ask for treatment for this, it’s really impairing your quality of life and function. You deserve better.



You need a visit with the pdoc as soon as possible

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I have been trying to contact the pdoc, but he has not responded at all.

Every person I can think of to get him to call I have contacted and I get nothing back

My care coordinator is full of ■■■■, he promises me things and never does anything about it

So frustrating. I feel I am dealing with this alone.

This has been going on since before Christmas

I told my care coordinator about my suicidal Ideation, and he just said it was ‘a cry for help’.

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Can you talk to a hotline? Can you get a new pdoc? Yours sounds awful

I will try the hotline now, but I am not sure what good it will do. Might try and pay for a pdoc privately but it seems hard to find one who will be a prescriber :confused: