What is wrong with me?


I can’t shut my mouth. I’m shy this isn’t me and I’ve a feeling it’s cos I missed two doses of abilify and I need to order it but I’m lazy. I think it’s start of a hypomania but im so depressed I’m crying cos I can’t stop talking


I’m thinking I don’t make sense


Just go back on your meds. And if it doesn’t change call your doctor


I’m on meds just hasn’t taken Abilify two days I’m taking the other mood stabalisers


you can set up automatic fills

mine gives me a call too when they’re ready

are you talking to yourself, or other people?


No I talking to my colleagues. It may sound normal to others but not for me it’s just not me


@Ish, You might be in a “mixed state” of bipolar, where you are hypomanic and depressed at the same time. It would be good for you to go ahead and order your medications and when they arrive, take them. Be sure and let your pdoc know what happened too.


You need to take the Abilify @Ish.
Don’t skip meds.

Take it as soon as you can!


yes please take your abilfy !!


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