What is worse for staining teeth: tea or coffee? POLL

  • Tea
  • Coffee

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Just asking because I always presumed coffee was worse. But I left tea in a mug last night and this morning it had stained the mug :scream_cat:

I would say coffee by a longshot …

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I’d say tea by a long shot… :stuck_out_tongue:

So much so that I have given up tea altogether and have acquired the taste of rooibos tea instead. It took about 10 cups to acquire the taste though.

I found with tea that 2 or 3 weeks after a dental hygenist clean the stains would be back., so I quit it. It has been nearly two months since the last clean and still no stains with redbush. (it is not even half as good though! :frowning: )

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Tea is well known to stain.


I think you are right. When I lived with my parents, their tea mugs were all stained while my coffee mugs were fine.

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Anything with sugar will stain. I’d say coffee over tea though.

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