What is With the Misogyny!?

I’ve always found that behavior pretty gross… :confused:


It’s sad to hear that people have been getting misogynistic here. The vibes are generally pretty nice here. Callous Division amongst people is always unfortunate

I believe, generally speaking, the further detached (distance) we are from each other the more we lose our humanity, so the internet makes it emotionally expedient to insult each other. Thus we should treat each other as if we’re having a face-to-face conversation in a park.

Now that I think about it, the selfie thread is the most personal of threads. We see each other; we’re no longer text on a computer. Misogyny has no place on this website, but when it occurs on the selfie thread it hurts the most.

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Point taken. Still, I think this site needs to be very careful about allowing contact information.

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Why is this thread still open?

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Well the problem seems to be that mods step in only when the TOS are being directly violated. That’s fair enough, but unfortunately they seem to be inconsistently enforced and/or narrowly defined such that most of the trash in Lounge remains here. Especially during the summer, a majority of the threads have no place here.

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So addressing an issue is trash? There’s nothing breaching ToS here at all.

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Do you flag things that you find violate the TOS?


If you see a problematic thread, it’s on you to flag it. If you don’t, then don’t complain that the mods didn’t shut it down.


Okay, as a former mod, gotta say that there is a wicked huge amount of turf for the poor mods to cover. I don’t think people realize how much crap they see that regular users don’t. It’s CONSIDERABLE. Also, they’re human (well, @ninjastar might be a cyborg) and no one can be as consistent as users want. How they react will depend on how loaded down they are (moderation happens between stuff IRL) or what kind of mood they happen to be in.

Vote of support for current mods (who I may occasionally disagree with, but are still doing a Hella Good job).



Everyone, stay on topic. This is about mysoginy in the forum, not whether or not you agree with moderator decisions on unrelated things.


I haven’t heard that term before, how does one become psychologically vaccinated against cults and such?

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I don’t know that I have much of value to add. Being bitter is no excuse to hate all of a gender. Most things that some people that are misogynist because of their loneliness, hate are things that can go both ways.

Some might say the traditional nature of romantic interactions of men approaching women allows women to be choosy, perhaps even privileged. But look at the other end. If we’re looking at traditional roles, it would be harder for women to select the partner they want, instead of just encouraging the men that she likes most out of those that approach her.

There’s two sides to every coin.

Of course these rules are fading a little bit, and they aren’t as restrictive as they used to be.

I look forward to a day when people feel as though they can do however they please, without unnecessary social pressure.

Okay was this a weird post? And btw I hope none of the comments apply to me. The last thing I would want would be to make anyone feel uncomfortable.


I think I have been psychologically vaccinated against psychotherapy.

I don’t have the first clue what misogyny is but I am about to google it and educate myself but from an ignorant man it sounds like some of what you guys are saying is just describing stereotypes. And then other parts of it just sound sexist. Maybe in a few minutes I will have something intelligent to add.

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Okay. I googled it. I definitely don’t hate women. I have been married to the same one for almost 26 years.

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My post just poofed. Waa happened. Anyway. The whole women’s right movement uproar is getting out of control. I don’t think there is one of these so called incidels people on the forum. Maybe a few pick up artist type people but that’s about it.

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Sorry, my message was ambiguous: I wasn’t complaining about anything. I actually find posts like the OP quite entertaining. I was replying to @anon99233869 who asked why this thread is still open. I’m very aware of the effort the mods and behind the scene admins make in keepin these invaluable forums going.

I leave complaining and reporting to those who care about that. The better option would be to add a mute/ignore feature. Sometimes there are people that don’t really need reporting, but they get under one’s skin constantly, and one and the rest of the forum would be better off without one’s frustration being heightened by them constantly.

I’ll leave it at that for the sake of not derailing the thread.

The forum guidelines are clear and unambiguous on this.

@roxanna I love you. I screamed at the music to shut up a few weeks ago.