What is With the Misogyny!?

@anon98519533 she isn’t saying there is a problem with being a housewife or liking to clean. She was specifically referring to a post a man made that he wants a woman who can keep a clean house, like a “good woman.”

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Go you!

Feeling pride in being a housewife is awesome. Having anyone tell you that is all you are good for is wrong.

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**Edit edit: I am a stay at home mom, house wife, and retired freelance writer. I still work on novels. All at home while cooking and cleaning


Wow I never knew there was a name for this…so creepy…I am curious as to how we can prevent people from becoming this way.


@Anna there is a group called Life After Hate that works with radicalized racist/sexist men on helping to un-brainwash them and realize that all people are people deserving of love and kindness.


I think we all need to respect each other. We don’t know each other in rl so don’t understand the situation but neither gender should be cookie cuttered. Some of us make good decisions some poor, but nobody deserves to be judged unless we know full story. However, I have seen sexual harassment o both sides in posts which irks me. And I myself have made some comments in response to comments

Lovely couple. Who are they?

I think this can happen to girls too I know on some parts of the internet like tumblr there are girls who literally hate men and think they should all be killed and are all dangerous and things like that. It’s really just sad. I hate generalization.


Just an anonymous couple. Not celebs or anything. I just felt people needed to be reminded what people who aren’t involved in a gender war inside their head look like ! :joy:


There is no gender war just a discussion of Misogyny and even misandry.

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Yes, generalization happens on both sides, and it is wrong. But this thread is specifically about mysoginstic posts. We haven’t really had a rampant problem with misandry on this forum.


For a minute I thought it was the Clinton’s daughter. I forget her name.


Yep, that is misandry and can be just as ugly as misogyny. If that crops up here it should be flagged right away, too.


I think we need to work to reduce the separation between men and women. If you look at the most sexist countries in the world, they usually separate the sexes extensively and early. And conversely, the less sexist ones encourage boys and girls, and women and men, to be friends, and also have a culture of downplaying the assumed differences between the sexes, in both roles and abilities (of which the latter really is hysterically exaggerated across the globe). If men and women weren’t so estranged from each other, they would not hate each other and generalize about each other so much. As a gay man, who’s had lots of male and lots of female friends, and who grew up in a place of the world where this wasn’t looked upon as weird, I find this whole conflict between men and women ridiculous. I really am baffled that men and women struggle so much to understand each other.

When it comes to cults and indoctrination, there’s such a thing as a psychological vaccination. You could probably find other tactics similar to this one. It can be very effective. We’re not powerless to stop this online echo chamber trend, but it will take concerted efforts to do so.


I’ve sometimes wondered if my compliments were “too much”. There was never any chance I would meet these females in person. They were in no way intended to pursue any form of physical contact.

I’ve always been the same way…I definitely think if you have separation of sexes it creates that feeling of “other” and that allows for things like generalization and dehumanization. I grew up with younger brothers and my mom ran a daycare when I was a toddler so I had extensive socializing with boys from an early age. I was thinking that should be encouraged to parents, to socialize their kids with both guys and girls. I would say formal socialization could be useful but I think formal anything in relation to socialization attempts usually doesn’t go well. I think. Not sure just what I heard, like school programs and stuff.

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Yeah it’s less common in general I think. I’ve only ever really seen it on tumblr. Not that I go on tumblr but it just has a reputation lol.

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I think one red flag ought to be if a person persistently tries to get in person contact with a person who posts a selfie.

Plenty of comments about women’s bodies are over the line in that thread that have nothing to do with contact information.


It’s not a matter of if you will meet in person. It is if the comment makes the other feel less of a person or uncomfortable at all.

Once you get to know someone you might know their tolerance. Maybe not. I had a guy who used to joke around non-sexually say some really inappropriate things about my breasts after knowing him 2 years. Like nasty insinuating things.

Never spoke to him again.

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I’ve had gay guy friends before who were like “since I’m gay, I can touch your boobs and it doesn’t matter right??”

I was like um, no!! Not how that works! Lol. Don’t touch me. Happened with 2 diff guys too!

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