What is this?

I get this thing I call (i dont wanna say) and i wanna know if its related to psychosis. At it’s strongist, its like you uncontrollably imagine something and then u are there. So say ur sitting in a car with someone but in ur head u think u are walking around in a store and ur thoughts are extremely loud. And u cant see anything in reality. U see the store. U forget that it’s even in ur head. It is just reality so u can’t do anything about it because u cant even realize u arent in a store. If someone shakes u, u snap back to the car for a very short time until u drift away and teleport again.

The lighter version is like ur sitting in a car with someone and the thoughts are so loud its like a conversation with someone else without really any major visually defined location but u are also mostly unawear u are in a car. People in the car are talking to u but u cant hear them.

De-personalisation. De- realisation…?? No idea but maybe ask your doc and see what they say. Could be even something like dissassociating but sz minds tend to be overly busy.

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I looked those up and doesn’t really feel like that. I’m not losing touch with myself. It’s more like im dreaming. Like in a dream u don’t know u are dreaming. But i can’t find anything about that. My doctor also moved away and they haven’t replaced her so i can’t ask her. It feels like being very high i think, or what i imagine being very high would feel like.

Thats like verbatim what depersonalizarion and derealization is about, possibly with a delusional conviction of its reality.

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Weird. Well if that’s the case nicotine fixes it. It only starts happening when i quit smoking for more than 3 days.

It sounds like day dreaming. Maybe an intrusive image?

DP/DR is about feeling that yourself or the world is unreal. It’s not about having immersive fantasies. I have to say I don’t know what it’s called, but it reminds me of flashbacks.


Id strongly suggest reading more into how dissociation can present. Daydreaming, fantasies, flashbacks are all related to dissociation. Psychosis tends to have an element of dissociation too. Feeling things are unreal is only one expression of the symptom.

It might be that nicotine is helping you recenter yourself or it might be that what youre describing is a withdrawal from nicotine.

I like to say that dissociation is the Swiss Army Knife of the mind. It can manifest in all sorts of ways, including multiple personalities and conversion disorders (eg. psychogenic blindness). Hypnosis also involves dissociation. But in the specific form of derealisation/depersonalisation, it is a matter of things seeming unreal. I still don’t have a name for the immersive fantasies, but it looks like autohypnosis.