What is this symptom?

Hi all, whats up?
So now I am worried. In the day, I am relatively fine even though I am still sick, but I get this sort of fatigue in the evenings which makes me drag my feet on the floor… Its like some bad energy inside me, who goes to my feet. I feel heavy then, even this weight in my emotional life, my mood becomes non existant, I stop to talk or move. After a while, with all this, comes my terrible worry about the future, my fears of how i’ll be able to socialize one day(paranoia) and I am afraid that my brain is dead…
is this a negative symptom? Its hard to describe it for me…I even feel my brain in my head then, idk why this… The docs only said to raise my ap if I feel my brain in my head like this, but it doesn’t help with this ‘‘bad’’ energy who goes down to my feet and almost the catatonic state that I have.
Do you think that my isolation of 17 years made me like this or its the illness?
I am afraid Ive become too ill after so much time of isolation, but some say its more the illness, idk…
Hugs to you all!

I am afraid of moments like this, tbh… Its not really hopefull for a recovery…I guess the most of us here deal with moments when nothing helps…

Hang in there. Don’t lose hope!
Negative symptoms can get better. With CBT or art/loving-kindness therapy.

Do you prefer dogs or cats? You could try getting a pet and taking care of it.

But am I in this state, cause 17 years was too much for an isolation, no? it would drive mad anybody…Now sometimes when I am a bit more rational, I find you here doing fine for the most of you. I am the craziest girl here lol…
well, ok for the negatives. I am worried cause I had this moments since kid… The other time, I feel guilty for all or paranoid. Guilty for being me… for turning bad etc etc…

I have so much work now… and in the negative symptoms, I cant fight…While the time flies away.
No, this passivity went away a bit. I have in the evening. Now its night here.

Im sorry you dont feel good. Wish you feel better.

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Thank you, kerli… The guilt is not nice either… I guess you knew it too in the illness, no?

Hi @Anna1, I have this chronical fatigue that sudenly turns into some kind of faint. So i dont have any strength to move and speak and also no strength to breath well. In the last months happend almost everyday. I told my psychiatrist and he said that it doesnt seen like a side effect fron the drugs, neighter a simptom of a psychiatric problem. So he gave me some analysis to do. Now i have to go for more investigations.
Have you told this to your doctors (GP and psychiatrist)?
Also why dont you try to go out? Why isolated for sooo long?

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