What is this song about...?

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You know what it’s about.

something about dutch people?

Yes. It is about Dutch people. Doof.

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doof, is that a dutch word?

Yes of course it is.


whats it in English ?

Oh you are serious? I thought you were kidding.

whats doof in English ?

It is widely believed the song is about marijuana.

That’s my understanding about this song too

Such a coincidence! Pedro keeps getting suspended for creating threads about drugs and now this !

i haven’t smoked it in 20 years…i just like it

Its clearly about cannabis,

You’re either an idiot or trying to stir up shiit again.


whats this song about then…?

some songs have a special meaning…!

Every forum needs a troll I guess.

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most of threads and posts have being good n helpful since in joined in 2014…how can a troll do that ? ■■■■■■■!!

I think they’re talking about the politically left and politics are not allowed

Friggn a, golden brown is about heroin

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