What is this? Psychosis? Or mania?

Sometimes - especially when stressed or reducing meds too much, I get weird feeling in my thoughts - like I’m being taken over by another being (Alien the evil spirit). And get this excitement and agitation in my head and want to get high and aggressive and jumbled in my thoughts.


Probably a little bit of both.
Mania and psychosis.

I get both when off meds too.

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i won’t go off meds. i get angry off meds – not abusive, just angry – and i don’t enjoy it.


I think some people just have to take medication. I have to take it, last time I tried coming off it ended with a relapse. Yet I do also understand that this is a reaction the brain has to being no longer dependent on the drugs. The brain gets a rush of dopamine, after months, if not years of being prescribed dopamine antagonists. I also wonder how I’d be feeling if I wasn’t on the medication, whether I would feel so withdrawn and unable “to do anything”. I feel a lack of motivation that is very strong with my medication.

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Sounds more like psychosis to me. Mania does not feel like being taken over.

In dissociative identity disorder (DID), another personality may take control of the body for real.


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