What is this process called?

quoting a person from quora who i found in his answer regarding benefits of people who have schizophrenia

“Among some species of plant that grow in extremely saline conditions, there is something known as a “sacrificial leaf”. This basically means, all the salt that the plant is forced to absorb gets put into a single leaf, which drop off and dies, allowing the rest of the plant to survive. One hypothesis is that Schizophrenia works along this line of logic: that it disables and destroyed the life of an an individual so that the relatives, who would not qualify for diagnosis but may certainly be quite odd in their own way, can yield the benefits of such abnormal through structure. Of course, the individual is not “chosen” the way sacrificial leaf is, this is purely a numbers game. Carriers of the schizophrenia related genes may only have a 1/6 chance of developing full blown Schizophrenia, so the family may do quite well at the expense of the unlucky one in six.”

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Absolute rubbish. If you’ve a good family then schizophrenia isn’t the issue.

In my family it came from my mothers mothers side. Dads side was depression. I got both.

Yes there’s genes that are passed down but it’s a rather cynical view of our lives. My family simply is not like that and I applaud everyone one of them in my treatment!

Even if you’ve a hell family I don’t think it’s appropriate. People are people but you can come from some pretty extreme environments and be perfectly ok and visa versa! You can come from great lives and be an absolute rubbish human being.

I think the answer is a little more complicated than this statement!


The guy sounds like an idiot. Trying to sound like he’s more intelligent than he really is.

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