What is this knowledge called

Example one: If you sprint for 4 minutes you Will see some change.

Example two: if you sprint for 4 minutes you Will shed fat and be ripped after a while.

What is that knowledge called? The knowledge seems exerated, unbeliveable in fact.

The type of knowledge a “real” resercher laugh at and call stupid.

One more example

Example one: Hiit training only yields a 10% benefit after training

Example two: hiit training yields massive results, you wont believe it

The first example seems to be inductive reasoning. This type of reasoning starts with a specific observation (or thought) that leads to a broad generalization. Another type of reasoning is deductive reasoning, which starts with a generally-accepted fact (theory), then tries to prove or disprove the theory.

Inductive Reasoning:

If you sprint for 4 minutes you will see (some is ambiguous) change
If you sprint for 4 minutes you will shed fat and be ripped (after a while is ambiguous)
Everyone who sprints for 4 minutes will shed fat and be ripped

Deductive Reasoning:

All men die
I am a man
I will die

Just my thoughts

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Maybe its sort of research Vs evidence.

Only 10% afterburn, research

I did it for 30 days here you have the evidence, massive results not only 10%

Have you seen those sites which seem completely crazy with ads everwhere and the content seems like “that cant be true” like its completely ludacris. On the other hand you have a research site. What is that first site called, how can i find more content like that?

The first site seems to have personal testimonials (which is anecdotal, personal accounts rather than facts or research).

Ok. Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Where did you learn this? I’ve never heard of this. This is interesting :face_with_monocle:

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How you know you going to die from smoking ?

You probably knew it in advance but you can’t be sure if smoking is gonna kill you.

Yes, i got to find out myself. Some day i know.:heart_decoration:

I learned reasoning studying philosophy.

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My uncle has esophageal cancer. He never smoked a day in his life. Ive heard of smokers getting throat/lung cancer

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There’s a linguistics theory that states that if a man learns a new language it can change the way his brain thinks. I don’t know if that correlates with philosophy or not. It might

I can’t remember the name of the theory


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