What is this called?

When I think about acting the person inside me goes “ah” shocked and when I write this the other one goes “heh”? Care to explain if you can

Sounds like rudimentary philosophy of the mind. Your interoception is allowing you to formulate some sort of model.

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Sounds like paranoia to me.

Are you saying that when you feel like acting a part for someone your inner voices react in polar opposite to each other?

Or for example, you think Keanu Reeves acts the same in every movie he does and is both ‘Ah’ and Heh’ about it all?

What does ‘Ah’ and ‘heh’ imply to you anyway? Please clarify :slight_smile:

Ah I cannot grasp, like everything else with this one. My ex… heh is more like a huh to this

The voices says it’s hallucination, schizophrenia and manipulation, there is this one who is just an “online” pic and stuff :thinking: