What is the temperature where you are right now?

Here in São Paulo city is 11°C (Celsius). Is cold here right now. And there?

59 degrees F (15 degrees C) here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (USA).

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It was 25C in the shade. Truck thermometer hit 38C in the sun. I was going commando inside my work coveralls to avoid dying. Too friggin’ hot today.


Yesterday and today are really cold here in the city of São Paulo.

Outside its probably 70 something but with the ac on its around 60°F (in ny)


So this means 21ºC.

We don’t use ºF, we use ºC here in Brazil.

Oh ok. I wish I was on vacation in Brazil right now. I’m surprised it’s been cold out there this time of the year

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i just went for a drive and it was 66 F

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Today was meant to reach 16c. It was a nice sunny day!

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its summer here in Ireland…we had a heat wave the last two days it was 28c, today its back 20c…i love to tan in the sun.

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Here in eastern Oklahoma it is 77 F. We’re fixing to break 100 F later on this week, which is typical where I live. The humidity has been a killer lately. It makes the heat harder to take.

18° Celcius. It feels like a million digrees in here, right now though. It’s too hot!

How are you still alive? :cold_sweat:

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Are you better of your depression?

We make heavy use of air conditioning, and we stay out in the heat as little as possible. The med’s we’re on make the temperature harder to bear, but we can adapt to it a bit.

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Not really; it’s been a rough week.
I’ve been more productive, although constantly tired and energy-deprived and running on caffeine. I’m coping, but still struggling.
Thank you for asking.


I hope you get better soon.

Are you sleeping well?

I feel a bit tired also, but I think it’s because I can’t sleep well and because of the meds.

No, I’m not sleeping much. It’s so strange to be aalways so tired, but can never sleep.
I hope you can get some sleep, as well.


I was using Thorazine to sleep, but yesterday it gave me an oculogyric crisis and had to stop it, maybe when my psychiatrist prescribe me more Akineton to stop these oculogyric crisis or another med to sleep I get better and sleep as well.

That sounds stressful… I hope you can work it out.

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