What is the single most ignorant thing you have ever heard?


To my (sz) partner one woman once said: “snap out of it!”


I hear ignorant things coming out of many peoples mouths - But I honestly do believe that my brother ranks up there with one of the most ignorant people I know. Yeah he has a Masters degree, but this just shows you that even formally educated people can be ignorant - I have come to the realization that he is a sociopath who happened to marry another sociopath


I’ve heard my share of ignorance but if I had to choose one it was while I was in a hospital on the cardiac unit and my roommate overheard that I was going to be transferred to the hospitals psych ward or something and he just lost it to the point they had to wheel him out of the room on his bed. As they wheeled him by he was screaming at the nurses that they had the nerve to put a “nutcase” in his room and that he was going to file an official complaint about this. As he left our room he was screaming “Don’t nutcases have their OWN hospitals!?! I don’t want nutcases in the same hospital as me!!!” As they wheeled him down the hall I heard the nurses saying that these “nutcases” he was talking about were just like anyone else and he was yelling at them “What?!?! Blah blah blah blah!!!”

After they relocated him to a new room the nurses and I agreed that if anyone was a nutcase it was beyond a doubt him.


gee, where to start? I hear a lot of ignorant things from politicians blinded by greed and supposed righteousness. I am so tired of hearing ignorance from my therapist who is republican. She says the most ignorant things about gays and hasn’t come out and said it but I think she’s prejudiced too.




I’ve been called psycho and schizo.

I’ve been called attention seeking. The one that I hate is that I was giving in to my illness and not fighting it as a way of being “emotionally controlling” over my sis.

My Aunt once told my Mom that I should take up a manly hobby… like hunting… :laughing:

ME in psychosis… with a rifle? That would have gone well.


People online calling Robin Williams a coward for committing suicide. Have THEY ever performed in front of thousands of people like he did and have they put themselves “out there” for the world to see like he did hundreds of times? He lived his life as anything but a coward. He was only human, unfortunately when he died he was not in the right state of mind to save himself. He is no more a coward than the many military veterans in our country who bravely served in Iraq or Afghanistan but could not adjust to civilian life and took their own lives. One act does not define a persons whole life.


a while ago I was just walking back from town with my boyfriend we walked past 3 men with cans od special brew in their hands and one had a roitweiller they were sat down on some step we had to walk through he said to my boyfriend if you step on my tshirt ill step on your face we just ignored it but it was a really uncomfortable thing.


The most ignorant thing I have heard of is swearing (A really bad word) at a bus driver on just missing opening the back door of bus. That was awful. But don’t take it seriously. Smile and let it go.

@SurprisedJ hahaha… on your last sentence I burst out laughing :smiley: While trying to help, sometimes people may put you in trouble. So, be careful !!! :smile:


On the anniversary of my mother’s death, one of my nephews posted on Facebook about how much he missed her and how he had so many good memories of her. His ■■■■■■■ father commented on the post saying that he had a good memory of her too, the day she died. Everyone in my family saw it.

That’s the kind of thing I never forget nor forgive. I can be a real ■■■■■■■ sometimes and I can hold grudges forever. While I struggle, in general, to keep my heart free of hate and the thirst for vengeance, there is a time and place for such things, and this is one such occasion.


Finally realizing there are so any pieces of s#*t and it is considered normal in some places. It is so nice to finally realize what is wrong with some people… I have to deal with the schizo but I’m not as ugly as a lot of people that think they are okay…


I heard a woman once say - “I don’t believe in violence, and I think anybody who does ought to be shot down like a dirty dog.”


Thank you for my morning chuckle!


I remember an almost identical verbatim post you made recently regarding this posting on Facebook by your nephew. If someone had said that, particularly a family member about my mom when she died, they would likely never walk again, and I’d be content to serve time for it.


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I don’t want to sound gloom and doom, or extremist, or unbalanced, but I think it’s important for a person to think about what they’re willing to sacrifice for certain things.

What would you break your personal beliefs for? How much is your integrity worth? What would you go to prison for? What would you die for? I think these are important questions.

In this case, I know the answers.


What an ~!@# that person was! Your last line was a good one!


The most ignorant thing someone has said to me was when my sister told me that I needed to come to her church to have my schizophrenia “excorcised” from my body.

Needless to say, we don’t talk much anymore.




I have a family member who sometimes likes to tell me that psychiatry has never helped anyone. That’s got to rank up there as one of the more ignorant things I’ve heard.