What is the scariest hallucination, that you have ever experienced

My scariest hallucination I experienced is, when I was playing drums…and I saw a person in the corner of my eye, and I thought it was a burglar. The next scariest hallucination was when I was riding in my friends car…and I saw his head on another persons body. The person that I saw my friends head on, was driving past us.

It was when people started looking alike. It was so weird I couldn’t understand it. I thought my mind was slipping. It clearly was. People would appear out nof nowhere looking the same.

Also when the voices in my head said everyone is just a matrix. They’re not real. They don’t have consciousness. It’s all a game. I’m stuck in a computer game where everything looks the same.

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I used to have a voice who would shout “jump jump” whenever I was on a balcony, terrace, bridge, basically anything that had to do with heights. I really hated that and it Made my fear of heights worse.

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My scariest hallucination was loud and terrible screams, as if coming from people being tortured.


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A physical one. My entire body was in pain, and it felt like parts of my body were being sliced.

I don’t think I even hallucinated it…I think I must’ve accessed some kind of higher dimension and an evil being did it to me.

Seeing dead corpses being eaten by worms. Ravens eating me alive. I also hallucinated ppl from the mafia trying to kill at night in the dark. In the morning I saw Pablo Escobar narcoterrorist from Narcos infront of my house waiting for me to get out so he kills me.

The face of the devil, who looked furious.

I also saw blood in my bathtub and bathroom walls.

I have seen a person standing in front of my bed. He had a skull head no skin and was looking at me. He was see thru

My delusions were worse than my hallucinations as they almost killed me twice, both times ended up in the emergency, once for liver failure from intentional overdose and once for an intentional car accident at 200kmh.

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I dont know if it was a hallucination or some type of thought my brain forced on itself after taking 5 zoloft pills to calm me down while being unmedicated for the hallucinations it was like a vision or something but i saw a chainsaw cutting humans it went like for one minute it was cuting them over and over i thought i
would stay with that on my head because the voices said they liked it.

I also had that i could hear a guy with a chainsaw torturing women the voices just laughed at it or blamed it on me.

One that comes to mind is when it was the middle of the night this is in 2016, and I got down from my bunk bed in the pitch black and all of a sudden I could feel the presence of a man whom I know of that had died standing very close right behind me. I did not turn around because I was too scared to.

I had an Egyptian hallucination once, and I never studied the Egyptians much

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I believed I was set up by the devil to be tortured in many ways by different things…a bear…a surgeon who didn’t use anestesia…stuff like that.

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My brothers face was all black and blue. I thought he had been totally beaten up. I was lije dude! Are you ok!!
But it wasnt real he was fine.

It was when Satan showed up at my house and started telling me what I had to do

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When Alien threatened me with sickness if i dont do what he wants, and told me I’m a hypocrite and murderer.

Even more scary was when he’d try to control my mind and body

Being threatened with hell. And eventually being doubted that I can conquer avoiding hell. By the one who made those decisions, a guy who was apparently one with God.

Third coming of Christ.

That was scary because every thought I had every action,everything was being monitored. With tasks that I had to do if I wanted to avoid hell.

The pressure I felt on me with every thought, every behaviour was insanely mad.

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It was a awake dream hallucination where I was being suffocated by a snake, woke up could barely breathe made me cry