What is the role of money to a man with sz?

Now that my job is secure and I know how much I am earning, i’m beginning the process of setting aside some for a rainy day. I feel fortunate that I have found a good paying job… I know it just isn’t possible for some szs to work and I have been there and know firsthand what it is like to have limited money or be barely getting by with minimum benefits.

But it got me thinking, what is the role of money for men with sz? I have no significant other, no children. I quite enjoy solitude, but finding a mate is on my mind on the daily. Sz has taken a hefty chunk of my confidence with the opposite sex and I thought having a well paying job and some in the bank might up my approach with women, but that hasn’t been the case. I meet maybe 50 people a night at my job, but I still feel like I have the proverbial “sz baggage with a trauma carry-on” that I am toting along. I feel like saying “I can’t get around the fact I am sz but I hope this wad of cash makes you like me more.” I know I am a bit different in that I can work a high stress job like sales, be productive and get paid, but deep down I am still humbled by an illness that robs people of their ability to the pursuit of happiness. Not saying money equates to happiness but it doesn’t hurt.

Right now, money affords me a room of my own, a sporty car, good eats, and small vacations. I hope to transition its role into more of an investment as time comes. I sleep alone but I swim with the fishes…


To me money is foozeball. I don’t value it very much

give it time man… you really don’t have to tell people about it… or you can just tell them all about it, and learn how to make that casual… it’s all about figuring out what comfortable feels like… after you do that you’d probably quit talking about it anyways…

I could see it being a bit more complicated issue as it’s a place of employment

ok you’re entitled to your opinion

making it casual… that is on deck. Coming from a one income upbringing money was never mentioned but always thought about. I hope I do not come off as bragging, but where else can I share this

as far as place of employment, I’ve been there six months and approached one woman. She was beautiful and I made her blush… she had a bf

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I’ve had times where I didn’t have money and I’ve had times where I had plenty of money. Seriously. I was broke and I looked in my checking account one day and Social Security had deposited $11,000 in my checking account without giving me any prior notice. I called them up and they said it was no mistake, it was backpay and I could spend it on whatever I wanted to. Two years later they did the same thing with $12,000.

I enjoyed having money. It made life easier and funner and more comfortable. I hope no one begrudges me having all that money. I’ve lived below the poverty line for most of my adult life. I’ve been so poor in my life that I the only way I survived was going to the food closet once a week and eating Top Ramen noodles and hunks of cheese and hard boiled eggs.

I’ve been so poor that I had only 27 cents to my name and I was stuck miles from home and my car was on fumes and I put the 27 cents in and prayed it would get me home.


I would say that it’s a safety net and should be used if at all for living comfortably and living healthily. Money can buy top notch treatments and it can make life less stressful.

If I ever got a lot of money, I would fund more education for myself and then devote half of it to research in gene therapy. I would get a Ph.D. and an M.D. if money was no object. I would first see specialists to fix my physical ailments. I am seeing one next week which is a good thing. That’s for my gastric reflux. I could use an EKG for my heart.

Knowledge is my thing, so is health. Primary and secondary concerns. Knowledge usually makes my health better, I have found (majoring in psychology and it in part with other things saved my life–it is a huge factor in my health).

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@77nick77: I know you are a hard worker, imagining Social Security funding you as an appreciation. I’ve also had my top ramen days (which I still do today) , but I put the eggs in my soup :smile: I had $18 to my name 350 miles from home once. Had to hustle a few bucks to get me on a bus home.

@mortimermouse: health and education is like investing in property and mutual funds, all good bets. It’s good to know that we are not greed-based and actually want to do good whether we can or not. I’ve thought a lot about going back to school, but it would I would do it just to be a university student again. I was so catatonic and sick my undergrad days, didn’t much enjoy the time spent there.

Electronics. I’m all about the electronics. And cameras. But not vehicles. My daily driver is a heap. Its job is to transport electronics and cameras. Money comes in handy when you suffer from these predilections.


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For me, money buys a few comforts, as well as groceries and clothes. It pays for my connection to the internet. I live in an “independent living program” which is part of a larger assisted living facility for the mentally ill. Right now I get a weekly allowance to buy my nessecaries and a few comforts. I also get enough food stamps to take care of most of my grocery bill. I’m good at living cheaply, though sometimes I can be penny wise and pound foolish. I usually have a nest egg of money in reserve. It seems like I always have more money than the other people in the independent living program. For most of them it is because they spend a lot on cigarettes. Others, I don’t know why I have more money than them. I don’t get more in my weekly allowance.

Others, I don’t know why I have more money than them.

Perhaps you’re not as penny wise and pound foolish as you think.

I don’t spend much money at all… It is 9 months since the last time I bought any clothes. I mostly spend money on food. I could get more money from the government if I spent more but I don’t want to. I am saving money so I can get a loan and buy an apartment. Every 3-4 years I build a new computer and that is my main expense after food now that I’ve quit cigarettes and almost quit smoking weed.

And yes, my clothes are really old and worn. A lot of them have holes and tears. It doesn’t bother me much.

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One set of the coveralls I use for work has the name ‘Cliff’ written on them with permanent marker. My name isn’t Cliff. I got them for $2 at Value Village (thrift store). They would have cost $175 new (flame retardant with reflective markings).

Thrift is good!


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I met my partner when i was psychotic hes normal and he loves me anyway so i can guess you can say i got lucky so love does happen