What is the reason for having OCD? why does a person have it

why does a person have it…what is the underlying reason

Genetics, environment, etc

It says OCD is from Serotonin imbalance and OCD meds work and normalize Serotonin neurotransmitter levels:

I got OCD when i was very anorexic.

I think i was lacking in some nutrients and somehow that lead to OCD maybe even via the stress of lack of energy.

it was very effortful to walk up stairs, it was effortful to lift my head off the pillow in the mornings.

so for me, i think it was a combination of stress and nutrient deficiency.

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Hyper focus is the reason. When a doubt or other important thought (it depends on type of OCD like dirt in contamination, counting, checking, thought of harming others, sexual doubt, urge etc anything which the user feel like important to them) comes to mind. The mind focuses on it hard or deep and during that time all other thoughts are put in background and thus mind make that thought so important and it keeps playing in mind. Now this is how intrusive thoughts are formed.

In individuals who have no OCD that thought not able to become intrusive thought as they quickly discard it or they not hyper focus on it.

Social anxiety is also a kind of OCD here the individual gets thoughts like what others think of me, get too much involved about how people react etc. These kind of thoughts become intrusive thoughts for such individuals.

The mechanism how SSRI works for OCD, social anxiety is like this. These drugs numbs the mind making it hard to hyperfocus on anything. This way those thoughts unable to become intrusive thoughts. In social anxiety too, the individual find it hard to think the negative thoughts in depth like before.

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