What is the promise of nicotinergic compounds in schizophrenia treatment?


I thought that people with schizophrenia and bipolar smoked to alleviate the side effects of antipsychotics?
Maybe they should come up with better medicines and three wouldn’t be a need for nicotine drugs.
That is unless big pharma just wants to profit on more people suffering and prolong the search for real medicines that actually work.

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I think they might be continuing aqwo51, I was waiting on encenicline for cognition, I was very interested in this mechanism of action, but it has been proving to not work in all the recent attempts to get a nicotinergic drug on the market. Maybe it just doesnt work?

Personally of all the drugs that I’ve self medicated with, to improve my cognition, nicotine has the most subtle effect. I’m certainly not gonna get my hopes up over a nicotinic drug unless it acts as an antipsychotic too.
That’s what we desperately need. Antipsychotics that don’t cause movement disorders, weight gain and sexual dysfunction