What is the price of rozerem and silenor

I m from turkey these two sleeping pill doesn t selling in my country.thats why i m thinking buy from usa.but i don t know it s exact price.what is this two sleeping pills price

Never heard of those name. May be it’s different name in USA? Also, sleeping pills is much more expensive and can be use for short term only. Why don’t you wanna try the cheap and effective Melatonin?

I m not sure melatonin can help my insomnia.do you using melatonin.

Yes i am using Melatonin with L-Theanine. I take 20mg at night. It cost only 2 dollar per bottle. Doesn’t hurt to try right? :wink:

Ä°s it 20 mg melatonin not too much.

I think that’s the maximum dosage.

Currently i m using 150 MG cedrina(quetamine) for sleep.but it makes really weird feelings.i feel that i m hearing voices when i take these cedrina

Does it melatonin produce tolerance .can ı use for long term

Yeah that is pretty high… You could try melatonin at least for a couple days at a time to get relief from sleepless stretches…

this isn’t professional advice… but if you do take melatonin make sure you are at least giving yourself a chance to try and sleep on your own before you take it…

Having an external source of melatonin trains the brain to not produce its own over time… this can make problems worse if melatonin isn’t available for some reason…

In my experience… it was pretty effective… at least part of the time…

I’d also try to quit smoking or drinking caffeine… those two things can keep the mind pretty stimulated… even hours later to the point it won’t start drifting off towards sleep.

Good luck man, I struggle to get good sleep and maintain a decent sleep schedule… a lot of factors are involved… never stop trying to find new ways to deal with it… some things work some times… other times you have to try something else…

Again good luck.

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Yes it’s consider safe and can be use for long term compare to benzos. I am not sure if tolerance will build up though.

For more information, you can checkout on www.webmd.com