What is the percentage of tardive dysknesia

Hi lately i m just worried about tardive dyskinesia and just wonder what is the chance(percentage) of to be happen td for us.is anyone know.should be worried about.

I am not sure about the rates of TD. In fact I often get TD confused with akathisia- but I think a lot of people do.

I am on a typical so really should be informed. However this typical has been such a lifesaver I would hate to come off it. Don’t get me wrong I also used to be on other typicals from which I got loads of bad movement stuff. In my experience is that the right typical can occasionally accomplish what a lot of the atypicals can’t.

PS have tried clozapine and my depixol works better than that for me.

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I would say that the percentage of people who have TD is possibly grossly undersestimated or recorded… probably owing to the fact that many people wouldn’t risk taking AP meds if they knew it was truly a risk. I am an exception to the supposed rule that it is ‘very rare’ after only a short duration and low dose, as I got it after just a week. :frowning:

My neurologist said he had seen hundreds of patients with it, some so severe that they are falling off the bed with their tongues all over the place. Pretty awful.

TD is the bane of my life but it is what it is. Meh.

Quite low for newer meds. I think the last one I saw said like 15%, but the number has varied depending on source from like as low as 7 to as high as 35%. The older first gen meds, risk is very high, basically if you’re on them for an extended period of time you’ll get it.

That’s why I don’t really understand why people still choose to go on first gen meds when there are second gen meds available.

I heard that its only %3 on newer medicine.one of my friend relative taking over 25 years of highest dose of haldol and he didn t get td.td is not the real problem on ap i quess but i m really sorry to get td i hope you can be heal soon.


At here chance of td only %0.1 on risperdal.so it s not important rate.