What is the one thing you want out of life?

What is the one thing you want out of life?

Piece of mined

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ha ha ha…im sure that was for me @anon9798425 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No, I was just answering the question. I want peace of mind.

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I wanna find the true meaning of existence

Okay that one was for you zenmonk :grin:

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have answered it @turningthepage

I guess I don’t want to grow old… I want to enjoy life as much as possible with my loved ones. I wanna make enough money to have a comfortable life…

@waterway ,

Tis T(Y)me You and @rhubot Have a Private Chitty Chatty … ! … ! …

I really can’t nail it down to one thing and a lot of it is beyond my control. I guess some of them would be:

  1. Healthy nieces
  2. Better mental health care for future sufferers of this disease in my family
  3. A reunion with family members who are gone
  4. A better place or situation than this
  5. A really cool sports car that I can drive
    (you see no matter how enlightened we tend to be the greed comes in eventually)

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