What is the one thing that

You are most greatful for, excluding family friends your life and meds? Unless you are desperate to mention those things

I ask because today as I was walking out the train station I noticed how much I had a resting bitttch face and how grumpy I felt.

And I said to myself omg this is no way to live.

So I said, couldn’t life be so much worse.

And then think of what I have

The first thing I thought of was my health.

Because it allows me to move around and feel okay… If I allow it! Lol


It can be anything

Doesn’t have to be too serious

Or too highly thought about…

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I’m grateful for my health. Even though I’ve gain weight during my time with antypsychotics I’m healthy And I don’t have Any pain

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My minivan, I love that thing. I am so happy I bought it. Freedom!

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My family cats. Have I ever mentioned how cute they are?

They just make my heart smile.

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Family, fiancée, dogs, and meds aside.

I would say my video games. I may sound silly, may sound a bit immature, but I’ve been hooked since I was 3, playing Mario with my aunt.

She introduced me to roleplaying games, my stories of other worlds. 60-80 hour long hero’s journeys, epics, and adventure.

It gives me a chance to occupy my mind. Like a book it transports easy and my thought patterns off of delusion, off of voices, off of the harder times.

It can be a therapy for me. I’m happy with it.


I got hooked on RPGs when I first played Dragon Warrior and then Final Fantasy on the original NES. I’ve been playing RPGs and MMORPG’s ever since, they’re my favourite genre of game. But admittedly ever since developing this disease and being put on meds I have lost the enthusiasm I had for gaming in my youth. I bought “New World” which gets released later this month. I’m looking forward to it, but who knows, I may get bored and lose interest. I haven’t done much gaming in the last number of years so maybe it’ll be nice to get back into it.


Being mentally stable and recovered.


I am grateful for our family pets especially my Charles. No scratching is ever enough. I love that black little ball of fur.


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