What is the one thing that would make your life better or more secure?

The thing that would make y life more secure would be to finally be awarded social security disability. Each month I wait and worry that I will be homeless, without meds and food and without transportation.


I am rooting for you… I do hope your SS gets awarded soon.

I’ve been thinking about this one… trying not to be glib…

I have spent some time homeless… it’s something that scares me a lot… the idea of ending up homeless again.

I wish I had an answer as to what would make this sinking feeling of doom go away. There’s no reason for it… but I’m just feeing like any moment now… it will all fall apart.

I hate the feeling of everything uncertain… it amps up the anxiety.


For me it would be a job, and a steady girlfriend. Is that too much to ask?

no amplitude it isn’t that why I think we should stop people breeding so mucheveryone had a job in the 70s everyone.
the one thing that would make my life better is more friends I think.

early pension as its called where im from
a smaller dosage meds with less side effects
a few travels now and then

To get off disability,
To live in a city where people aren’t religious conservatives,
To be able to read a book in a week or so instead of several months,
To attend university and graduate,
To give the final presentation to an auditorium full of people and then answer their questions at the end,
To get my car paid off,
To become a better vegetarian,
To donate money for clean drinking water for the world,
To meet my friend of eight years (who lives in Norway),
To not be afraid of my family,
To be able to understand physics easier,
To know government secrets,
To educate the police force on how to better deal with those in a mental health crisis,

Oh, I just re-read the title of this thread, you just asked for one thing, haha, okay, I’m sorry… I guess that would have to be for more promotion of education and cultural awareness. Generic answer? Maybe.

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Maybe you could get a lawyer to help you get disability. I don’t know what country you’re from, but in the US they routinely turn down your first application for SSDI. If you get a lawyer you will have a good chance on the second application. The lawyer will take your back pay, but that is a necessary evil.

All I want is no more negative symptoms


Not sure any one thing would make a bit of difference in my world anymore.
Perhaps it would be to find out why every single electronic thing in this house, especially the batteires corrode within a few months. Nothing works properly, and just try to figure out what time or day it is without any clocks.

If I was certain in a stable future for myself. Really that’s like the cause of my anxiety every day, is not trusting in that, not knowing.

I always daydream about winning a billion dollars in the lottery so that I don’t have to worry about my future anymore.

A friend would be the one thing.

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To know and feel concretely that my delusions are not real.

Complete privacy having no neighbours.