What is the norm?

Here’s a truthism, by me, since I am all-wise and knowing, and I have the gumption to share with you.

When poor people drink, it’s abuse.

When rich people drink, it’s happy hour.

I learned this from my son’s case manager who said the cycle of abuse happens in the home with substances. And I do believe she’s talking about the poor, and not the rich.

When a poor husband sleeps with someone besides his wife he’s a cheater. When a rich, famous person sleeps with someone else, he’s excused because he blames it on being a sex addict.

That is a truthism, yes. Or that they have been screwed by Hollywood, or fame.

I know this is kind of off subject but I saw this pic of a guitar player that I guess was into helping the homeless ,he wrote “eat the rich” on his guitar, I thought that was pretty cool.

They are over priced and hard to chew.

Men are cheaters. In my mind, most, I would say.