What is the most stupid things u did when really psychotic


When i didnt know what sz was and i thought the voices were real people, i spent like a good anount of the night almost every night arguing with what i thought was my sister in law talking mess about me through the walls. When i would go confront her she would be extremely quiet or sleep. Then the voices would just stop after i checked cause they would have no way of tricking me. If she was awake the voices would continue when i went back to my room. Thats why im consider sz because my voices tricked me since i never heard of hearing voices. Well i heard of it but i couldnt imagine what it was like and didnt have any knowledge. So my voices tricked me into looking like i couldnt control myself when really if i had more knowledge of mental illness and not of supernatural stuff i woukd have just gone for help myself


Started talking to all my friends about God.


I cant really say the most stupid thing, it’s kinda criminal.

but second on the list, I got lost somewhere in virgina/d.c, when I was out hiking. I came to this road with a median in the middle of it, and I just started pacing back and forth on the median until the cops showed up. who I naturally ran from, who then caught me and took me to the hospital. it’s funny, I was getting worked up about politics at the time and I was openly commenting on things, but now I can’t even remember what it was that I was talking about when I was pacing back and forth on that median.


I smashed my electronics and threw away my CDs, DVDs, books and video games because I thought demons were coming out of them and torturing my mind.