What is the most stupid things u did when really psychotic


Two strangers ■■■■■■ me in the park
One I don’t wanna say
I told someone a secret that I should not have eeeeek.
From the top of my head


I’m too ashamed to admit it. Losing your grip on reality is a sad time.


Closing my eyes while driving because i thought the voices would drive for me… That was the reason for my last hospital stay…


Wow u are lucky to be alive


I refused to open the door to let my husband in. I thought this husband was a fake husband which means it was someone else who wore a mask that looked like my husband.

Another stupid thing I did is I threw a new 150 US dollars worth backpack into the rubbish bin. I thought this backpack was a trap set by my enemy.


My entire life when I was psychotic was one great big drunken folly. There are so many things that I can only cringe when I look back on them.


One time I was off my med’s and living in a cheap motel. My mother was supporting me, but she wouldn’t let me live with her. I stopped in this store, and I bought two giant plastic bottles of Korean ginseng, with 300 pills a piece. I went back to my motel and started taking those pills by the handful. I took all of one bottle, and part of the other. Then I started getting these shooting pains in my head. They were strong. So, I went to the grocery store and bought two eleven ounce bottles of garlic powder. I’d get a cup and put in water, and then pour in the garlic powder and wash it down my throat. I took all of one bottle, and part of the next. My reasoning was that garlic would help my resistance to the ginseng. I’d be sitting on a concrete bench, and I would see someone over a block away frowning and wrinkling their nose because they could smell me that far away. I was cutting across this field behind the firemen’s station, and this giant pit bull came up to me. I couldn’t tell how hostile it was, but it didn’t seem friendly. It would do a mock charge at me, and then run off, and then come back and do the same thing again. Today I think maybe the reason it didn’t bite me was because I smelled so bad, and the dog was afraid it would die of the plague if it bit me. I went to the grocery store to get something, I don’t remember what, and when I walked up to the checkout line all the people scattered. I never got faster service. The pain in my head was pretty strong. I went back to my room and watched tv and rested for a couple of days, and I was good as new.


I threw out everything I owned and lived in the dark for a long time


I bought roses for a girl because I felt she was my soulmate and I needed to make her realise that. I wrote her a letter explaining this and planned to leave the letter and the roses on her doorstep.

Someone intervened and told me they were pretty sure she didn’t feel that way about me. I tore it all to pieces and burnt it outside my house at night.


I wrote a love letter to goddess Annette (a voice) asking her to marry me.


Just engaged in some really risky behaviours with really sketchy people. Don’t want to go into details but am so saddened about how far some bad people will exploit folk who aren’t in their right mind.


Cussing at people thinking they’re out to get me.


I stopped a cargo train once.


I danced down the street
Cut my hair in a bizarre style


I hope u enjoyed it at least.


Threatening somebody. Eeek


I ran into the back of a van full speed on a ten speed because i was following the spots that told me to never look up


I’m frightened to say.


the most shameful thing I did was I thought one of my dogs, a besinji, was a demon and tied it up outside with food and water until I left the house for good when I was picked up by the police…my room mates luckily brought the dog back inside while I was in the hospital…I remember how upset my dog was and I would laugh at it thinking it was just a ploy to demonize me again…I still carry guilt about it…makes me cry…like now…


I had a delusion with one of my cats. I thought it was a robot and if i would split her in two i would see the cables amd wires