What is the most popular clothing brand where you live?

I’m trying to distract myself from my symptoms creeping back up, so I thought this might help.

The most popular clothing brand around me has to be Carhartt. Most of what I wear is Carhartt, and its pretty common where I live in the Midwest. Its not just one subculture that wears it either, you’ll see everyone wear it regardless of certain demographic features. So, whats yours?


I don’t know…
So many brands here from everywhere.
I buy my clothes here : zalando.com. It’s a german online store…

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All my T-shirts at the moment are Tommy Hilfiger. I buy them when the outlet website has 50% off sales, so they’re actually a decent price. I have about 10 T-Shirts, 1 glasses, 1 shoes and about 3 jumpers.

When I was growing up it was all skater clothes like Atticus, vans, Airwalk and Billabong band t’s

I don’t really know what the popular clothing is here, as I only go to the town for medical appointments at the clinic and to have a coffee before or after

Not really involved with anyone else.


I see a lot of people rocking Carhartt in my city too. Nike, Adidas, and Dickies clothing is also popular here.

I recently bought some Dickies carpenter jeans and they’re so comfortable.


Wrangler jeans are really cool.
I never buy Nike cause I think i’m too old, but I used to.
I like new balance sneakers.
For my shirts, tshirt, and sweater, I don’t have a favorite brand.


I purchase Under Armour clothing online as their line of apparel fits my lifestyle of physical activity.


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