What is the longest that you have slept?

My record is 17 hours the night before the school exam.

But i have lept 15 hours couple of times. Once when i only had 3 hours of sleep the night before.

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On my 16th birthday, I had pneumonia. I spent 20 hours sleeping and the remaining 4 trying (and failing) to keep food down, and coughing.

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Many years ago I went for sleep therapy to get dry from alcohol. I was in hospital for 10 days. It took me 3 days to fall asleep. After 3 days the meds totally knocked me out. I can’t remember for how long I slept continously but it was very long.

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On clozaril I could sleep for 20 hours straight. Then eat for 4 hours straight, take another clozaril go back to bed sleep another 20 hours. I was very sensitive to that med.

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16 hours when I took clozapine - was heavy that med.

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I don’t know exactly how long I slept, but when I had quit caffeine and/or ephedrine temporarily I slept for what seemed like days. I’m pretty sure that one time I slept the whole weekend. There were breaks in my sleeping, but not very long breaks.

I was in a coma induce from meds and slept 3 days straight, I woke up confuse tight to a bed in a hospital with a diaper and I started screaming because I was scared

13 hours I think? Except I’m pretty sure I also took a 1-2 hour long nap very shortly after waking up so really more than that. That was when I was on geodon tho.

Off narcolepsy meds I can pretty much stay awake for like 3 hours at a time before needing a long nap.

I used to get back from college after doing sports and gym and sleep for 16 hours straight. My boyfriend at the time used to hate it because I would fall off the face of the planet :joy:

I think 16 hours straight

Def 16-18 hours sometimes. Usually I sleep 10-12 hours

The longest I slept was about 24 hours

I made Rip Van Winkles slumber look like an afternoon nap compared to my sleep.

I had one drunken sleep that lasted a whole day and a night. It happened in the autumn, and to begin with I wasn’t very happy. That was probably in 2009 or 2010. Not a pleasant memory.

16/17 hours…

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I was asleep for two days once - mind you i was in intensive care with malnutrition so probably dont count! lol

14 hours on risperidone

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Can’t remember but used to oversleep on olanzapine
On clozapine I sleep well but don’t oversleep

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60 HOURS. ( 2 1/2 days )


13 or so hours for me