What is the last thing your voices said?

Or any complex sentence that you often have?

" I Have Nothing To Say To Him " - (________)

Yep Yep …

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I’ve rarely heard voices .

My last one was just the voice of an old um…um…Friend um ex girl friend um an acquaintance calling my by loathed nickname she use to use when we were kids. Calling from anther room of the house. She’s in England and has been for sometime. I’m in Australia.

I still found it all rather disturbing

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They were telling me that i infuriated them when they hurt my spine that night because i just kept laughing after they tried to get me to stop.

And they were trying to explain various “miracles” to me and how they worked. You can do alot with invisible ■■■■. I think just before the ambien took hold they were talking about how apports worked, and what appears to be teleporting, all of the different porting.

They was all like “yo! your world comes from ours, the universe comes from our universe and it’s made of it, everything that your universe is is made of ours, it’s overlapping. Things can go out and things can come in, visually it looks like the things have gone nowhere but they are always going somewhere and coming from somewhere.”

Stuff like that.

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“I said, you be fine. That correct. Good” qoute it

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That last thing that made me ponder… from last night…

We have to leave… so we can come home… because when we get back… we won’t be who we were… because of where we’ve been… which is after all… why we left… and also why we came back… So… we have to leave… (repeat… repeat… repeat)


“stupid. useless.” two voices that converse about me & to me.

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The devil has been pestering me nonstop. He’s trying to make me think God is just using me. I am very confused. He’s been talking to me every night and confusing me more. I feel like I’m not even a part of this world right now. I can’t focus on anything.

He tells me humans can’t help me and I shouldn’t waste my time on them. Ugh ugh ugh

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It wasn’t really a voice but my “thinking voice” sometimes changes into other people.

Today it was jack Nicholson.

At work I took my rain pants off and my jeans were dry . My thinking voice went “well well the pants ARE dry arnt they would ya look at that” in jack Nicholsons typical voice . :slight_smile:


I said “I don’t want to go to hell”

And he said “You will come to hell with us, my little flower”

They are draining my energy so much. I feel very ill and weak. They have kept me in bed for an hour. I wish I could get away from them. He keeps touching me. When I ignore him I feel his hand on the back of my neck or running through my hair. I don’t want to give into them but I am so, so tired of fighting. I have to though. I don’t want to go to hell.

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My voices are all day long and within my dreams at night. The ones i am speaking to now tell me that they can not become myself inside myself, we need to become yourself and himself together but we can’t so we will become ourselves only. How often do you become yourself inside yourself. they say so many things during the day but mostly curious as they start to see things through my eyes and feel and experience things here. They all start out the same way and then change depending on the soul they are this changes over hundreds of times a day in a Rolodex type formation.


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What is she going to do now? All parties place your bets now.
All bets are now closed.
In one half hour a winner is found.

See you on the other side, you belong with us, it’s the only place you belong.

More mustard for my fries Tak/Bitter/si’l vous plait/por favor