What is the last movie you saw

It was Monument Men with my dad…it wasn’t very good.

Noah was the last movie I saw in the theater too. It was kinda weird.

’ amelie '…with audrey tautou…an old one but a good one…
and a little bit bonkers…
take care

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That is one of my very favorite movies and I watch it often.

I love the color, the pace of the film… I love the shot where she’s in the simple red dress skipping stones by the green lush river side.

What a lovely film… and I really like the fact that every character has something… some little character tick that makes them unique.

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Catching fire last night.

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Wish I hadn’t though but was a few good parts.

Godzilla (2014) was the last one I saw.

The last movie I saw in theater was Gravity, with Sandra Bullock. Loved it!

But I don’t get to go to the theater often, because I have issues with large crowds.

Plus, it’s hard for me to concentrate on an entire full length movie. So I mainly watch series on tv or Netflix. Right now, I’m on the 3rd season of Game of Thrones. One of the best shows ever!