What is the last movie you saw

i watched 13 ghosts

Woody Allen’s Radio Days… very cute with some nicely funny bits in it…

and Gerald Durrell’s book “My family and other animals” got turned into a movie…

This one had me rolling… :laughing:

Most recent positive one: “Between the folds” was a film on streaming Netflix about origami. I relieved our home of all cabling not long after seeing it, but it was really nice. I did go to the theatre to see cloud atlas between then and now, but that was a massive mistake as it totally messed with my head, so I kinda don’t count it.

We watched Edge of Tomorrow last night. It was a good movie until I found a plot hole that absolutely ruined the movie for me and made the writer of the film seem to me like a ridiculous boob. If you can overlook that horrible error in the film then you will be able to enjoy it.

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‘Borat’. At a theater. I don’t watch many movies.

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I watched Silver Linings Playbook last night on Netflicks.

I saw rise of the planet of the apes in a theater. It was pretty cool. Before that it was Noah, which I wasn’t too impressed with.

Bad ass movie bro, Marky Mark!
“You telling me them Hadji’s are faster then us?”

Hunger Games Catching Fire…I just watched it last night really good but didn’t like the open ending…I know they did it because they’re working on movie 3 of the 3 book series, but still I like movies have somewhat of an ending to them not to feel like they just dropped it at the end of a scene.

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I watched The Black Dahlia. It was the darkest movie I have ever seen. I liked it, though. Maybe that says something about me.

I have just done watching “the spectacular now” it’s nice…

The last movie I saw in a theater was “The Brave One,” with Jodie Foster in 2007.

I have not gone to any theaters since 1999, I watch these movies on my laptop.

Avatar, in the theater.

Two weeks ago I’ve watched Lucy. This past Sunday I’ve watched “Spook van Uniondale” which is a local production about a gost story playing off in the town of Willowmore here in South Africa.

Transformers Age of Extinction last movie i saw in theater

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Frozen- a Disney Film

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I last watched “Fracture” alone, and family and I last watched “Transformer 3” together.

Nosferatu from 1922, not for everyone but very interesting.