What is the farthest, you have been....away from home

I have traveled to California.

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I have been to Korea and also Brazil. I think Korea is further

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uk to south africa
and west india

Germany, in the army.

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Australia to Qatar. My ex husband had a job over there.

UK to California.

Belgium to Australia

Colorado. It’s pretty far from the East Coast.

UK to Australia.

To the tip end of Mexico to the top of Alaska not much into that ocean thing

I live near Toronto and the furthest I have been is Cincinnati, Ohio

I’ve never travelled much, have no desire.


Italy (by way of Germany)

(I was living in California at the time)

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Tenerife tropical island of the coast of Africa

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south korea and canada

Germany and Australia.

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Greece when I was in the Navy.

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Mexico is the farthest I have been away from home. When I was little.


I have had home in different places, Finland (my little town and one city near the Russian border), Michigan (UP), Atlanta, living in my auto in Miami and elsewhere. I have traveled in 35 different nations and 35 different US states. So it is difficult to tell the farthest I have been.

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My furthest was Afghanistan. :t_rex::t_rex::t_rex: